MCLR+ Articles (Journal)

Articles include the sort of longer and more formal research contributions that one might find in traditional law reviews. We plan to publish two journal issues per year, focusing on special issues, conference issues, and book forums.

Special Issue: Reconstructing Criminal Law Revisited (Nicola Lacey, Guest Editor)

In this special issue, a diverse range of authors confront questions about whether, and how, we can reconstruct criminal law (as well as its associated institutional forms, including the trial and the penal process) in progressive ways. Amid a resurgence of interest in abolitionism, is there still space for a scholarship focused on critique oriented to reconstruction rather than abolition? And what are the conditions of existence of such reconstructive projects across both different areas of criminal law and practice and different jurisdictions? [coming in 2024]

Special Issue: Criminal Law, Literature, and History (Simon Stern, Guest Editor)

This issue will explore relations between criminal law, literature, and history, covering a wide geographical and historical range, on topics relating to both law and procedure. Contributors: Simon Stern (Canada, Law/English), Geoff Baker (US/Singapore, English), Daria Bayer (Germany, Law), Guyora Binder (US, Law), Anna Schur (US, Comparative Literature), Abhinav Sekhri (India, Law), Hannah Walser (US, Law), Elise Wang (US, English). [coming in 2024]